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Are you too consumed working for the business, instead of working on the business?

Business owners can become too preoccupied on trying to manage every aspect of their business, instead of focusing their time on working on the business. This can prove counterproductive and when they reflect on the day and what they’ve achieved, the outcome is actually very little.

It’s completely understandable for owners to submerge themselves in the detail because the detail is often a reflection of them. However, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to then think about the "bigger picture" and the health of their business and this is when the cracks start to appear.

Do you struggle with the same or similar issues?

If so, we can help! We work with you focusing on strategies and actions in four main areas:

Business owners often view marketing as an unnecessary expense

This is partly because they don't truly understand all that marketing encompasses but also because their ROI (Return On Investment) is sometimes slow and difficult to monitor and evaluate.

Marketing is key in promoting your brand, raising awareness and most importantly, it is the start of your sales process

Are you doing enough inbound and outbound sales?

Are you reaching your target market?

Does your website truly reflect who you are?

Once you have adopted the right tone for your business and each of your teams have a clear directive, you will then have the tools and platform to drive your sales team.

Recruiting the right people to sell and promote your product or service is critical to your success

The job of sales is to sell the product or service your Company has to offer. Sales people develop relationships with potential clients, they knock down doors, overcome objections, negotiate prices/terms and often go above and beyond what is expected of them to ensure the needs of their customers' are fulfilled.

Sales people are driven by what is on their horizon by week, month and quarter.  If sales is not focused this way, then it is unlikely they will achieve their projected revenue. Therefore, it is vital to employ the right people, as they are the people who will represent you and your business.

The right people generate more sales.

More sales means an increase in revenue.

An increase in revenue means expansion for business growth.

An increase in growth means your operations and systems need to run effectively.

Therefore, how good is your Marketing Strategy?

Do you understand your sales trends?

Have you got the right people selling your products or services?

Are your team driving sales as hard as they should be?

Your operations, systems and processes within your business need to run effortlessly

In order for all your departments to run efficiently, your operations and systems need to run like clockwork.

Often employees carry out their tasks within their roles in their own unique way, therefore if they’re unexpectedly taken ill, their colleagues may struggle in fulfilling their role.

Therefore, businesses need to be about systems

Are your operational systems effective and efficient?

Have you got systems in place for all of your employees roles?

Do your team know how to handle new accounts and action tasks?

Do you look at methods, models and techniques to resolve company difficulties?

All in all, operations is the heart of a business. When operations are effectively managed, it makes the functions of all other departments run smoothly, especially the finance department.

Finance is the engine room and is often referred to as the “cog” of any business

Being aware of how your business is performing on a weekly or monthly basis, is key when reviewing your sales, growth trends and monitoring your cash flow.

Without this information, it is impossible to plan your objectives

Are you receiving the correct information from other departments to make sound business decisions?

Are you reviewing your company’s performance on a month by month basis?

Are you earning good profits & cash flows to fund your future?

We have the knowledge to help you achieve your goals because we have experienced similar obstacles and challenges on our business journey.

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