Starting a Business v Family Life

Starting a business can be exceptionally difficult during the early years because of the time you need to commit to make your business a success.

Initially, your days will be extremely stressful because of daily obstacles, financial restraints, lack of resources and the negative impact on family life but as your company grows, your skills and confidence will increase which will help you cope with the pressures of owning your own business.

This is not to say running your business will be all doom and gloom; quite the contrary in fact, but what’s important to remember is, to try and not do everything yourself.  Trying to manage every department will be a poor use of your time and can prove counterproductive which can hinder your chances of substantial growth.  It’s therefore important to recognise your strengths and that of your employees by delegating and utilising their skills, which will allow you to focus your time and energy on the areas that you’re good at; leading your team and contributing to your Company’s bottom line.

Obviously, building a business doesn’t come without some compromise, as you will inevitably miss out on spending time with your family due to time constraints, but it’s imperative that you take time away from your company and make some time to spend it with the people who matter the most.  You could start by blocking out specific times in your diary each week, not only to focus on the strategic elements of your business but also to ensure you spend time away from your business.

Ultimately, when you start your own business you will have less time for yourself and others but it doesn’t mean you have to give away spending all your time with the people you care about, just try and plan when you can make the time and make that time count!

Struggling with finding the right people?

Not sure if you need to employ someone or outsource a service?

Frustrated at not having enough time in your week to do the things that matter?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, please feel free to Contact Us as we’d love to share our own business journey with you.