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Whether you’re starting or running a small business, you’ll be making plenty of decisions every day and this is when you’ll often need professional support. Here you’ll find a range of tips and guides to support you on your journey.


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Xero provide specialist accounting software, designed especially with the small business in mind, along with a range of guides to the various topics a business owner will need to consider in the set-up and development of their business.

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How to do Market Research

market research resource

How do you ensure your product or service meets your target customer’s needs?

How to Generate Ideas

business ideas resource

How do you pick the right idea that’s a good fit for your personality and your skills.

How to Start a Business

how to start a business resource

Where do you start when you want to set up your own business?

How to Define Your Market

small business resource

Who are you selling to? You have a specific customer in mind, so how do you create content that resonates with them?

Competitor Analysis

competitor analysis resource

How do you distinguish yourself in a crowded market place?
What is your competitive advantage?

Business Succession Planning

business succession planning

An exit strategy is a plan for wrapping up your involvement in a business.

How to find an Accountant 

how to find an accountant

Phillip wanted financial advisors who were just as open about accounting as he was about architecture.

Pay Tax Online

pay VAT online

You can bypass a lot of the stress and effort associated with VAT by managing it online.

Online Payments

online payments resource

Get paid quicker and more easily with online payments.
It’s great for you and your customer.