Nervous about networking?

Check out the benefits, tips and tricks to successful business networking

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A definition for business networking is ‘The process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential client/customers’. Here at Breslins, however; we have a different definition for networking. We believe it means meeting a group of like-minded business owners and having the opportunity to achieve the growth that you and your business deserve.

‘The opportunity to achieve the growth that you and your business deserve’

Anyone who is new to the networking scene may find the prospect of attending a networking event daunting or even unnecessary. Networking doesn’t need to be scary, however it is a vital part of achieving business growth.

A few of the benefits of business networking include:

Acquiring new contacts

These new contacts could turn into clients or even simply generate referrals for your business. Opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures or areas for expansion can also be identified by acquiring new contacts.

Improving visibility

By attending networking events, it puts a face to a name for potential clients and adds a personal touch to the business relationships. Networking events often take place regularly. So, by consistently attending events, it raises your personal profile with clients who may regularly be attending the same networking events as you, therefore keeping you in the front and centre in the minds of potential clients.

Keeping up with trends

It is imperative that businesses understand the current climate that they are operating in, as well as the needs of their target market. In an ever changing business environment, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the current trends and what your customers really want. Networking events can help you as a business to keep on top of current trends and stay in tune with the capricious climate.

Problem solving

Not only can networking events be helpful in expanding your business, they can also be incredibly useful in finding solutions to problems that your business may have. For example, if your business is struggling without an accounts team, it may be possible to find suitable candidates to fill the role of an accountant or bookkeeper at a networking event.

Sharing expertise

If your business requires some expertise on a subject you are unfamiliar with, or if another business could benefit from sharing some of your expertise, networking events are the perfect environment for this to happen! A formal partnership or business agreement may not always be required, so if an informal chat and a bit of advice is what your business needs, attending a networking event may be the perfect place to receive some advice!

Networking Events in Birmingham

Birmingham, being the second largest city following London, has plenty of business networking events that you can attend. We’ve done some research and found some of the best events that Birmingham has to offer.

Phoenix Lunch Club – Hosted by Higgs and Sons

This well-established networking club is designed to enable people to make contacts and do business in a relaxed environment. 60-100 guests are generally hosted, and tickets cost £25; a small cost for an amazing opportunity. A diverse range of businesses attend, such as recruiters, business owners and lawyers. Diversity is key to Phoenix Lunch Club. For more information contact the host – Higgs and Sons Solicitors.

The Colmore Curry Club

This event is a lunchtime networking event that will be a winner with those who love curry, as well as those who want to expand their business. This informal event is held on the first Friday of each month, at Itihaas in the city centre, for a price of £17.50. For more information contact the host – SimkissGuy Recruitment.

Breslins Club

Our very own networking group is Breslins Club. Our intention is to help you build a better business and begin relationships with like-minded business owners. We host our events at various locations, with our next event being hosted at the 1000 trades; a unique music venue in the vibrant Jewellery Quarter. Our events are hosted on the first Thursday of every month in the evening, to allow business owners a chance to unwind after a day of work, whilst also having the opportunity to expand their business. For more information head to the Breslins Club section of the website or get in contact with us directly.

Tips for Successful Networking

If you choose to attend one of these networking events or something similar, here are some tips to make sure your experience is successful!

  1. Build personal connections with people you meet
  2. Don’t forget to smile – It makes you more approachable!
  3. Take the time to listen to conversations well, and respond in an appropriate way
  4. Don’t try to sell your services or products – focus on making valuable connections
  5. Research attendees beforehand to give you an idea of questions to ask
  6. Be curious! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and dig deeper
  7. Offer your help to new connections – you may have a problem in the future that they can help you with
  8. Go in with a positive mind set – set a goal of making a new friend rather than a business connection

Networking does not have to be scary, but it can be necessary in developing your business and achieving the growth that you deserve. By following our tips, you’ll have a successful networking experience!