How easy is it to change accountant? With Breslins it’s easy!

There are many reasons why changing accountants could be good for your business.

Your business may have changed and grown or maybe it’s your accountant’s business that has evolved and they are no longer servicing your needs effectively. Despite what you might think the actual process of changing accountants is a relatively simple one.

Switching accounts can be easily done with minimal effort, fuss and disruption to your business.

Why change accountants?

When business start thinking about changing their accountant it could be due to a number of factors such as the growth or change of the business or maybe the accountants themselves have changed and no longer suit your business needs.

If you have been with your accountant for a long time and haven’t considered moving then please read our article five signs it’s time to switch accountants and see if you’re missing any of the warning signs.

Points to consider when switching accountant

Once you have made the decision to change accountants be strategic about the most appropriate time for the handover between your previous accountant and your new firm. Avoiding busy times such as the end of your financial year and choosing a period of less activity will help make the transition between accountants much smoother.

Make sure all your loose ends have been tied up, financial responsibilities have been taken care of and neither party is waiting for an action or payment that will delay the process. Disputes over unpaid fees are the most common cause of disruption to the process.

What is the process when changing accountant?

Good communication will make the process much smoother, let your accountant know that you are moving on and if possible, end things with your current accountant on good terms. Once you’ve spoken to your accountant, Breslins can take care of the rest and support you through the whole process.

At Breslins we aim to keep the process of changing accountants as simple as possible, ensuring minimal disruption to your business. A simple transfer can be completed in as quickly as one day.

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