What is the Clean Air Zone, and how will it affect business in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter?

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

The council has stated that Birmingham is on a journey to cleaner air. The intent is to reduce pollution in the city centre and surrounding areas, by attempting to reduce the amount of traffic in the centre. The population of Birmingham is growing – new buildings are being erected, the rail and metro system are expanding, and the Commonwealth Games are only around the corner. All of this growth and excitement unfortunately means more pollution.

A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is an area where action is taken to improve air quality – by discouraging polluting vehicles from entering the zone. This discouragement will be in the form of a charge for vehicles travelling within the area which do not having clean enough engines.

With such a heightened focus on the environment and making cities more environmentally friendly, the introduction of a Clean Air Zone seems like a fantastic idea.

But what about the people living and working in the city centre?

Breslins’ head office is located in the Jewellery Quarter – an area which will be affected by the Clean Air Zone introduction. Breslins is, however, just one of many businesses which will be affected.  

or those working in the Jewellery Quarter, if your car does not meet certain criteria, you’re looking at paying a charge of £8 per day in 2020, once the Clean Air Zone is set into place. That is, if you do not qualify for certain exemptions – such as earning less than £30,000 for example. More information on the exemptions can be found here on the Birmingham Council website.

A vast amount of businesses, including Breslins, operate out of the Jewellery Quarter. These CAZ charges may seem unnecessary or annoying to some, however it is an important action to take to protect the health of not only us, but for the health of our planet. Birmingham are amongst 8 other cities, including Leeds, Sheffield and Oxford, who are taking part in the Clean Air Zone movement, therefore displaying its significance and cogency.   

What can I do to avoid paying the CAZ charges?

  • Upgrade your car to meet the less polluting standards – certain engines meet the pollution standards and therefore do not have to pay the CAZ charges!
  • Check if you qualify for an exemption – certain exemptions mean that you may not have to pay the CAZ charges. It’s always worth checking to see if you qualify!
  • Use public transport to travel to work – the Jewellery Quarter has great transport links. Buses operate through the area, the area has its very own train station, and New Street Station is only a 15-minute walk away!
  • Cycle to work – cycling will mean you avoid the CAZ charges, and you’ll be getting fit in the process

The CAZ charges may seem irritating, but its important to remember the reason they are being introduced. Its all about keeping our air clean and safe! Here at Breslins, we’ll be making changes to ensure we’re helping this cause!

Contact us today to find out more send an email to info@breslins.co.uk or give us a call on 0121 233 0456 or come and have an informal coffee and a chat in our offices located in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.