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Business Start-Up

The First Steps In Business Start-Up

Business start-up can be a daunting process taking your new business from paper to reality but there are some things you must not overlook if you want your business to succeed. Breslins can help you prepare everything you need to complete when starting up on your own.

The first rule of thumb within a business start-up is to determine the subject you are basing your business on, is it a product? or a service? Is there demand?  Explore every option available and how you are going to approach these.

Investigate your competitors and know what gives you benefits over them? Is it that you are the only one in a specific area? do you offer better value for money? Here at Breslins, we can complete all of this for you, we will also explore your niche market and find your target audience. By doing this it enables your business to meet the needs of its specific target audience.

All new businesses must be registered within the terms of the government guidelines to enable them to trade. Any business that is not registered faces prosecution. The guidelines set out can become confusing. This is where Bresins can step in and help. We update all working arrangements as soon as these are altered by the government to enable you to get the most accurate service for that time.

PAYE / Pay As You Earn Information

If you have employees working for you a payroll system is going to be needed. Payroll, in summary, is the company’s list of employees, but the term is commonly used to refer to the total amount of money that the company pays to its employees. Businesses normally have to operate PAYE (Paye As You Earn) as part of payroll. PAYE is HMRC’s system to collect income tax and national insurance from your employees.

The task is made more difficult by the constant changes with tax legislation each year and the possibilities of incurring penalties for non-compliance. The introduction of auto-enrolment to make businesses responsible for pensions is another time-consuming payroll task which can prove daunting for employers.

We can provide a fully compliant payroll service which is crucial to the running of your business, ensuring all your payroll and pension processes are effectively managed and submitted on time.

We prepare accurate trading figures as early as possible for you, which allows you to make better decisions, which helps you to drive your business growth.

Breslins will go through your business in fine detail to ensure nothing has been missed or incomplete to make your new business a complete success.

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