A successful business is about having the right systems

Many business-related books talk about the importance of having systems in place within a company, as systems will allow you to organise, document and manage your team and the responsibilities associated with their roles.  If you have no system in place, then it is virtually impossible to run an efficient profitable business.

Systemising your entire business is not an easy quick process but it is achievable.

Before you start documenting all the functions within your business, you will first need to organise your employees and define the roles they’re responsible for. You can do this by creating job descriptions and listing each of their responsibilities.

Once you have recorded your employees job roles, you will need to list the tasks which come under each responsibility and create step-by-step processes for each individual task.  By writing down all the steps and evaluating them, you will be able to see if a particular process is the most efficient way of completing the task.

The benefits to having systems and processes in place for all your employees’ responsibilities are:

  • If an employee is absent, another member of staff will be able to follow the system relating to the absent employee’s job role, ensuring your business will continue to run smoothly
  • Having systems in place will aid staff training and/or new starter training
  • Having systems in place will ensure a role is always carried out to a precise standard
  • Customers or Clients will receive the same level of service, time and time again
  • You will be able to manage your employees more effectively and monitor that all tasks are being performed

We found the best way to create a functioning system was to break down an employee’s role into manageable compartments, list each task associated with each category and then write down working step by step instructions.  We found the most effective way to write instructions, was to write them as if you were teaching someone who has no knowledge of a task or role, so the procedures are then written in a clear concise manner.

By systemising your business, you will obtain a comprehensive insight of how every aspect of your business works enabling you to manage your teams more effectively, and by implementing systems, your business will continue to evolve and grow.