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Breslins' experienced and professional Business Consultants come from a range of successful business backgrounds. As such, all our clients - existing and potential - like you, can be matched to a consultant who truly understands your industry. Our business adviser are proven leaders and successes within their fields, meaning they are well-placed to advise and recommend on the most proven and innovative measures and decisions to help your business grow and go in the direction you want it to.

Our advisers will listen to your business ambitions, take into account the position of your business, and together, you can formulate achievable and exciting growth plans for your organisation.


Business Plans

Our Business Plans service spans two key areas;


  • Existing business plan reviews.
  • 'Start-up' Business Plans.


Our Business Consultants will review your plan and challenge your operating model, to truly test how effective your business could be. We will then provide a  consultation strategy service for your idea and offer tailored business advice and recommendations.

Breslins can deliver a full and comprehensive business and marketing plan for your 'start-up' operation. This will include market research and analysis, sales and marketing, as well as strategy planning for Exit and Risks to your business. In addition to PEST and SWOT assessments, to truly help evaluate risks and exploit opportunities.

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Corporate Finance

Our local business consultation services include sourcing the correct and best value corporate finance opportunities. Our business advisers have a valuable network of contacts across a number of business sectors, that could give corporate finance growth opportunities for your business. 

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HR & IT Outsourcing

The main mechanics and fundamentals of any business operation are complex and time consuming enough, without factoring in the essentials of fulfilling your HR and IT requirements. 

Fortunately, Breslins provides HR and IT outsourcing advice and support services. Using HR and IT experts for affordable monthly fees can be a money and time-saving exercise for your business.

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Interim & Virtual Directors

Not all businesses have the benefit of a business director with vast and relevant business experience behind them. Breslins' local business advisers can help fill this void with our interim/virtual directors service.

Your business can use one of our selected and relevant business advisers as a 'virtual director' to either turn your business around, or even help it grow further.

Contact us about a virtual director for your business today. 

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