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The Making Tax Digital System – revolutionising the way you pay your taxes! Pay Tax Online

By Breslins | Apr 19, 2017

The digital world is constantly evolving and businesses have continued to adapt their online services in order to benefit their customers, and improve the functionality of their business. The government recognised they needed to make significant changes in the way businesses submit their personal information and pay their taxes, as traditional methods have resulted in…

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Why are monthly management accounts so important?

By Breslins | Mar 29, 2017

Management accounts can really benefit you and your business.  Being aware of how your business performs on a month by month basis, allows you to: Reduce your tax liability – monthly account management makes you aware of your estimated pre-tax profit before your Year End enabling you to make capital purchases or pay pension contributions etc.,…

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Would you like to increase your profits & How to pay less tax?

By Breslins | Mar 24, 2017

How To Pay Less Tax. Tax planning encompasses many different aspects, but the term as frequent as it is used, is often misunderstood. Clever tax planning is a way of postponing or avoiding taxes by orchestrating your income and purchases and other expenditures. By adopting efficient tax planning strategies, you will learn how to pay…

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Be prepared for possible limitations that could affect your customer's expectations

By Breslins | Mar 23, 2017

Following Brexit, there has been a considerable boost to the UK Manufacturing industry with a greater demand for products at lower prices due to the falling pound. However, the cost of importing these products has increased and this is proving to be a considerable financial burden for some UK manufacturing businesses. With all this uncertainty surrounding…

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