Breslins Green Journey

Climate change is a concern for us all and global warming is changing the state of our planet at an alarming rate. The polar ice caps are melting; sea levels are rising and the hole in the ozone layer is increasing.  The time for action is not in the future, the time to act is now!

In the 2016 documentary ‘Before the Flood’, actor Leonardo DiCaprio states

You are the last best hope of Earth. We ask you to protect it or we, and all living things we cherish, are history.

Companies around the world are trying to think of new ways to be more ethical, sustainable and efficient.  One of the ways companies can do this is by using ‘The Cloud’, which has taken the accountancy industry by storm.  Benefits of using The Cloud are having 24/7 access from anywhere in the world, added security and file collaboration.  These benefits have not only helped businesses become more efficient; they have also enabled them to cut costs and lower their carbon footprint.

At Breslins, we want to do our part in the fight against climate change by educating ourselves in building a better, more efficient business.  Our plan is to carefully review all our systems and processes and see how we can make changes to help the environment or at least curb our impact on it.  We will monitor our energy consumption, our overall general waste and the selection process of our suppliers, with the principal aim to become a fully sustainable business, and work with businesses who share the same ethics.

The journey of becoming a fully sustainable business will not be quick and it will not be easy.  However, we understand the importance of our individual and collective actions and. we want to lead the way and inspire other businesses to follow us in our footsteps.

We hope that as more businesses become more sustainable and ethical in their practices, we will together lay the foundations for a stronger, greener and more united world.

Since we started on our green journey in April 2017, we have so far recycled enough general waste to save one mighty tree!

Watch this green space, more information coming soon.