Birmingham Blue Cycle Routes

Birmingham Blue Cycle Route

The new blue cycle routes were introduced in Birmingham last month – with two different routes linking the North and South of Birmingham to the city centre. The blue surfaced routes provide wide, two-way cycle routes which are separated from other traffic, making cycling into the city centre easier and safer than before.

In the North of the city, the route is along a section of the A34, which links New Town Row and Heathfield Road to the city centre.

In the South, the route travels along a section of the A38 (Bristol Road), linking Selly Oak to the city centre.

Birmingham City Centre

As part of the introduction of the blue cyclist routes, Birmingham City Council have released the Think BLUE, let cyclists through campaign, explaining to drivers and pedestrians to give way to cyclists and explaining the procedures involved in driving alongside a cycle route.

What are the benefits of the cycle routes?

One of the main benefits of the new cycle routes is that it makes cycling in the city centre not only easier, but safer too. The segregation from main vehicle traffic allows cyclists to travel more freely along main roads, with less of a risk of being involved in an accident.

Illustration of cycle route

Another benefit is for the environment. With it being easier to cycle into the centre, the cycle traffic will increase and therefore reduce the number of cars on the road, resulting in less pollution in the city centre. Not only can cycling benefit the environment, it can benefit health too! Those who cycle regularly in mid-adulthood typical have a level of fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger than them, and their life expectancy is two years above average. Find out more about cycling statistics and the benefits here.

With the introduction of the CAZ, cycling could certainly be a great alternative to driving, and the new cycle routes allow this to be easier and safer! Click here to read our blog all about the introduction of the CAZ.

Where are the blue cycle routes?

Birmingham City Council have published detailed maps of the cycle routes. The north route can be accessed here, and the south route can be accessed here.

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