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Are You Game? Commonwealth Games 2022.

birmingham common wealth games 2022

Back in 2018 we saw our beloved Birmingham be crowned the official host city partner of the Commonwealth Games set to be between the 27th July – 7th August 2022. Giving a chance for Birmingham to be showcased on a global scale, demonstrating how it’s evolved over centuries from the industrial revolution to a global…

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Are You Independent?

July in Birmingham marks the month of ‘Love Your Independents’, celebrating some of Birmingham’s best kept secrets. Honoring such businesses that bring something totally new to the city and have in recent years become the life and soul of Birmingham. Independents bring something unique, something different, a kind of spirit you don’t find in big…

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The Jewellery Quarter Festival Is Back!

JQ Festival Birmingham

Birmingham’s Historic & Vibrant Gem The Jewellery Quarter is nestled in central Birmingham, where it thrives off a mixture of its rich history, pioneering Jewellery trade and the lively business and social hotspot that it is today. With a history spanning over 250 years it has been the mecca of Jewellery production since the 1800’s…

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Secured vs. Unsecured Short-term Funding

business funding - coconut on a beach with a straw to drink coconut

By Juliette Peyraud, Senior Account Manager at Spotcap Short-term business loans are an important part of the funding mix. Many businesses use them to grow or pursue certain opportunities, such as hiring staff, renovating premises, bridging a cash flow gap or purchasing new inventory or equipment. Banks, but also non-traditional lenders offer short-term loans. However, …

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Does my business need a Consultant?

castle on the hills

There comes a point in every business when the owner realises they need advice and asks the question, “Should I hire a consultant?” Whether you’re growing an existing business or starting a new company, hiring the right business consultant can be a cost-effective way for your small business to access specialised knowledge.   A business…

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How easy is it to change accountant? With Breslins it’s easy!

tax advisors . image of yearly tax figures and laptop with notepad

There are many reasons why changing accountants could be good for your business. Your business may have changed and grown or maybe it’s your accountant’s business that has evolved and they are no longer servicing your needs effectively. Despite what you might think the actual process of changing accountants is a relatively simple one. Switching…

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Five signs it’s time to switch accountants

birds eye view on ladies hand with a phone, laptop, newspaper, calculator, pen, coffee in background, tax advisor

How to tell it’s time to switch accountant The thought of switching accountants can be seen as ‘scary’. Despite making tough business decisions every day, many entrepreneurs and SME owners shy away from switching accountants even if deep down they know they should. There are also many who miss the obvious signs and have no…

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Business Succession Planning

playing golf at dusk Tax Advisor

At some stage you will decide to leave your business; perhaps you have decided to sell, retire or do something else. Regardless of the reason, having a succession (or exit) plan in place will help you to smoothly transition out of your business. A good succession plan can not only secure a business owner’s retirement…

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Breslins is the first to trade with Credex; a new form of Business Finance

Breslins first to trade with Credex

Breslins is delighted to be the first business to complete a transaction through CREDEX, an exciting new alternative small business finance solution developed at the University of Birmingham. The launch event was held on 9th April at the Natwest Incubator offices with Stuart Bowles and the team from CREDEX summarising the key benefits of an…

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