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Breslins is a renowned local accountants that provides expert accounting services across Birmingham, Tamworth, Lichfield, and the West Midlands. We have a large and varied client roster, some of who have used our expert accounting services for decades.

Our team of accountants, business consultants, and tax advisers are experts across a range of business backgrounds, and all combine to provide a comprehensive accounting service that can help your business grow. Our accountants are fully trained in using a range of accounting systems and software, including SAGE and Xero. If you’re looking for accounting services Birmingham, explore our services further to see how Breslins Accountants can help your business grow.


Annual Accounts Service

Annual Accounts need to be filed quickly following your business year-end. Due to time and business constraints, a lot of businesses leave their annual accounts too late, file them incorrectly, or do not check the ‘bigger picture’ of what they mean for your business and its growth.

It’s important to know that it’s a legal requirement to file annual accounts correctly and by deadline. Being transparent about your company’s annual financial activities keeps your business compliant, as well as giving it the opportunity to analyse records and make savings to help growth.

The details you must provide for your annual accounts are;


  • Balance sheets
  • A profit/loss account
  • Notes on accounts
  • Director reports and signature
  • Auditor reports (exemptions may apply)


Breslins can take care of your business’ annual accounts completely. Our annual accounts audit, advice, and submission service is a great help for all businesses. Find out more about our annual accounts services for Birmingham and West Midlands.

Bookkeeping & Monthly Accounts

A responsible and ambitious business can benefit greatly from a good bookkeeping and monthly accounts service. Such regular checks on your accounts allows your business to be flexible and responsive to the movement of its finances.

Breslins provides a modern and efficient bookkeeping and monthly accounts service for your business. Not only do we use our accounting and business expertise, we also ensure your business finances are fit for the digital age by making them accessible online via Cloud storage. Cloud accounting ensures your business finances can be checked and updated anytime day or night. Using the Cloud and our services, bookkeeping and monthly accounts for your business can be much simpler and far faster!

If you’d like to know more about our bookkeeping and monthly accounts services, get in touch.

Payroll & Enrolment Services

As a lot of business owners know too well, the admin side of running a business can often take over the actual business operation itself! With Breslins’ Payroll & Enrolment service, you can get on with the real running of your business, knowing the rest is taken care of by us.

Acting as your human resources facility, we will add your staff on to payroll, enrol them on pension schemes, as well working out and processing the relevant and correction tax deductions and contributions for each individual.

Contact us about our payroll services for your business.

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